Interview: The Mysteries Of The Lebanese Crotale Missile Scandal

4 thoughts on “Interview: The Mysteries Of The Lebanese Crotale Missile Scandal”

  1. “because Lebanon had its Phantom-3 aircraft, and even the F-3 and F-5”

    This makes no sense, and undermines the credibility of the whole article. Lebanon never had the Phantom II (sic) or any aircraft by that nickname.

    1. Our source is 100% verified as being a former LAF official. We chose not to edit his answers, as that would change the meaning of much of this interview. It is possible that this was a mistranslation or lapse of memory. We appreciate your concern for the credibility of the interview but it must be understood that even experienced and verified sources make mistakes.

  2. While the point of the interview may be that there was corruption in Lebanon (and really, this comes as surprise to anyone who knows the history?) the discussion about the missile and aircraft seriously undermine any legitimacy the interviewee has or had. It is beyond credible that Lebanon, in the 1960s, would manufacture a SAM that would have been able to cover its total airspace (I am assuming, for example, one missile from one central launch site) and that this missile would be effective against current aircraft. Those aircraft most certainly would have been the F-4 Phantom II, which the Israelis had received from the USA by the end of the 1960s. Lebanon received no such aircraft, including not getting the Northrup F-5 Freedom Fighter (what is with the F-3?) What Lebanon did get in the late 60 and early 70s was the Dassault Mirage III, and only about a dozen of them. This was a serious piece of kit, as the Israelis had and would use them in their victorious wars. But … it was not as effective as the Phantom and quickly fell into disuse in Lebanon due to maintenance. The subject of the interview talks of a “mysterious loophole” … I would suggest there is one in this article that fatally undermines its credibility. Thank you.

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